Arlo Pro or Arlo Pro 2 Security Camera

As time goes by and technology improves, we are able to find more and more ways to protect our homes. We want to be able to go to sleep at night knowing that our homes are secure, and leave our homes feeling the same way.

New technology is allowing us to use incredible smart locks and even better smart security cameras that capture better pictures than ever, cameras that can stream a live feed of what is going on on the outside of our homes straight to our phones, cameras that aree not going to die quickly or let you down. If you are looking for the best home wireless security cameras that your money can buy, then the Arlo wireless camera brans if just about as good as you can get. The Arlo Pro and the Arlo Pro 2 have shown us that they can last year after year and give you just about the best picture of the outside of your home that you can get. The Arlo Pro has proven to be so amazing that it comes as no surprise that the Arlo Pro 2 has been just as good or even better. There are not a ton of differences between the two cameras, but there are a few that you should be aware of so that you know which wireless camera is best to set up in your home.

Similarities between the two cameras

As mentioned above, the Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 are different but they actually have several similarities. They both work off of the base system meaning if you already have the Arlo Pro you wouldn’t need to upgrade the base unit in order to upgrade to the Arlo Pro 2. They also both have a communication system that includes a speaker and a microphone meaning you can talk to someone outside of the house and if they talk back to the camera you can hear them. They are both weather-resistant, have night vision, have sirens, USB backup, can connect to any smart home system, a trigger for sound and motion outside the house, and the camera dimensions are the same.


Differences between the two cameras

As many similarities as the two cameras have, they also have some differences that make the Arlo Pro 2 just a smidge better than the other. The Arlo pro is continuously recording in 720P while the Pro 2 records in 1080P. In the same manner, the Pro 2 will record continuously if you sign up for a monthly subscription, meanwhile, the Arlo Pro can only record for 8 minutes at a time and that only happens if it is alerted that there is motion outside. While the Arlo Pro has a tendency to lag when it starts recording, the Pro 2 comes with a 3-second look back so it covers its tracks should it skip a beat. The Arlo Pro only needs its batteries changed every six months or so while the Arlo Pro 2 battery needs a new battery every three months.


Which camera is better

This brand of security camera is great in general and either one you get will be a great option. The Arlo Pro is only better because the makers saw a few of the issues that the Arlo Pro had and fixed them. The setup is fairly easy and you can count on it to continue monitoring your home onto USB even if your internet goes down.